About NY State of Mind®....

 NY State of Mind was started by Brett Stein in around 2008 after hustling his hand screened tees in the streets of Soho for a couple of years. Eventually he decided to make a brand around these tees which all made various "political statements" in order to take advantage of a little known loophole he discovered that allows a person to sell merchandise in the streets of NYC without a vendors license.

 Besides political statements, these tees were also designed to pay homage to NYC (which made them sellable to tourists and NYers alike), because of this and Brett's love of classic NY hip hop, and of course Nas, NY State of Mind seemed like the perfect name for his new brand. After a quick search on the US Patent and Trademark database, he discovered the name was actually available and he applied for the Trademark (without a lawyer).

 After 2 years of building the brand, creating the iconic NY Crown logo, stickers, new designs, building a website, etc. the trademark was finally approved and the brand was officially born. Through much trial and error, Brett has since grown NY State of Mind into a well known and respected brand representing real NY hip hop, skateboard and street art and culture throughout the 5 boroughs and beyond. Supported and worn by many of the rappers, skateboarders and artists that were the original influence of the brand from the very beginning.

 As NY State of Mind continues to grow and evolve, maintaining authenticity and integrity, has remained of paramount importance which has not gone unnoticed as more and more living legends of the culture and regular everyday NYers have embraced the brand.