Daniel Cortes is an artist from the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York. His work is influenced by his childhood years growing up as well as the 90s era in New York. He creates miniature models that bring to life the urban landscape of the city. 

Daniel’s interest in miniature models began during his youth. While most of his peers enjoyed the launch of a new toy, Daniel was intrigued by the level of detail noticeable in the play sets used by toy companies. His attention was significantly drawn to the backgrounds displayed in the toy’s commercials and packaging, though not included with that toy, so he would construct his own. G.I. Joe and Transformers were among his favorites. This curiosity motivated him to start creating his own dioramas (miniatures). Using his imagination with household items, such as cardboard, cereal boxes and glue, he began creating small-scale reproductions of regular sized items. “If we take the time to notice we are surrounded by inspiration.” Daniel explored his neighborhood making every stroll an opportunity to discover new ideas. Sometimes the most obscure objects can become the catalyst for a new creation, as every gum stain, sticker and rust-worn gate tells a story.

Blighted façades and distressed structures are the very scenes which fuel Daniel’s attention to detail. The work to produce each piece is arduous and requires great precision to achieve such realism. Daniel had developed techniques that can give a model an aged, distressed or patinated style. He also recreates miniature scaled vintage advertising posters and graffiti art on his models. Daniel’s miniature models make unique collectable creations that will take you on a gritty romantic journey through New York that everyday passers by have overlooked.